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Small hobbykennel Silverwhite was registered to the Eesti Kennelliit and to the international kennel names registry of Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 2011 - EKL/FCI kennel certifcate no 54/2011.


Greater interest in dogs was sparked by our first samoyed male dog, who joined our family in 2006. The goal was to teach my daughter the responsibility and consideration that comes with owing pet. We were all stunned by the wide smile, fun activities and people that he brought into our life, which only made our love for the breed grow. I was soon convinced that I would like another smiling furball in my life, as two samoyeds will always have more fun together. I often visited the litters of my friends, cuddled and played with the puppies and I had deep down one dream of having puppies of my own. 


Our first dog, the northern samoyed dog Carusoe was an inseparable companion to us over 15 years. Thanks to him we have travelled, been to many dog shows around Europe and also taken part in sled pulling activities. Carusoe has taught me a lot about dogs behavior and way of thinking. I am beyond grateful to have him in my life and the path of life he has led me on.


Our second Samoyed Fayette was Carusoe’s daughter, who joined us in 2010. I was very proud of Fayette, because in addition to being an amazingly enthusiastic and loving dog, she was also a blood donor dog – blood group DEA 1.1 negative (universal blood).  She wasn’t afraid of the needles nor the doctors in order to help her furry friends.

Fayette has filled my dreams of a litter at home by being a good and caring mother to her puppies. A lot of joy, fun and unforgettable moments come with dog babies, as well as moments of fright and many sleepless nights. In the end, though, all negative is forgotten and when looking back at old puppy pictures, you can’t help but miss them.


Thanks to the flutter of raising our "furry babies" we have met lots of  dog owners from all around the world. It’s fun to meet at dog shows, visit each other or take a hike together at the end of the week. Our offspring has branched out into therapy, showing and sport acitivities. Big thanks to all dog owners for their love and effort put in to raising these dogs. I am beyond grateful to all families of Silverwhite dogs, who offer our offspring safe and loving homes.


Kennel Silverwhite’s offspring can be found in Estonia, Romania, Spain, Germany, Norway, Finland and Latvia, but the network of grandchildren stretches even further­ – America, Canada, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Turkey, Serbia, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Lithuania and Russia.


I always find great joy in communicating with dog owners and wish to know about the adventures of my offspring. For me, dogs as a hobby bring lots of positive emotions, good company and constant activity into our lives. I wish all dog owners patience in raising their four-legged friends!



Agne Mägi

Kennel Silverwhite





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